Defensible deletion of backup tapes in the cloud

Backup tapes hold a snapshot of your data center in case of emergency, but they can also be the key to gaining a better understanding of your data environment. The latest tape set holds the key to where duplicate records, abandoned data, PSTs, personally identifiable information and more are hiding on your server.

Through the Index Engines cloud lab (or one of our technology providers) organizations can quickly and easily take the latest backup of the storage environment, index the backups offline and create a data profile of the server(s). This could be the first step in a defensible deletion plan.

Once the indexing is performed a set of reports will be generated to provide a profile of servers and a secure hosted session can be established so the customer can produce custom reports and perform more in-depth analysis:
• Determine what data can be cleaned up to reclaim capacity (e.g. duplicates, by access time, non-business data like iTunes, movies…)
• Audit existing IT, Security or Information Governance policies (e.g. PII data, personal PST files..)
• Manage departmental charge backs, and more.

Through this, organization can gain an efficient, low-cost, non-intrusive look into their servers and can see where any waste has accumulated, where security risks could be hiding, data that should be on legal hold or data that can be moved to secondary/cloud storage.

Profiling your backup tapes in the cloud allows organizations to:
• Eliminate on-site visits with the use of backup tapes,
• Get a metadata or full-text view into server data,
• Streamlined, convenient access to your data, and
• Full custom reporting capabilities to understand data.

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