Defensible Deletion & Tape Remediation

Defensible Deletion & Tape Remediation

Purge obsolete mystery data and manage the risk of the unknown

 It is much easier for an organization to save everything versus making decisions about what data should be retained and what should be purged. In fact, many organizations continually increase storage capacity and create massive stockpiles of unmanaged content which has outlived its usefulness.

But as data piles up and systems change, what is stored where becomes overwhelming. As data ages and grows, it can no longer be managed because of sheer size and complexity. Even worse, much of the data has outlived its usefulness or is not compliant. All of this data is ROT – redundant, outdated and trivial. Index Engines helps companies by uncovering what data exists and making defensible deletion policies enforceable. Even content on legacy backup tapes can be made easily accessible and manageable without system restoration.

 Defensible deletion for litigation

Smoking gun emails frequently have negative impacts on key lawsuits. Sensitive working documents that are no longer required for business purposes often end up in the wrong person’s hands creating a corporate liability and media frenzy. Files and email from ex-employees easily become a burden to any firm if kept online or even in offline backup tape archives.

Defensible deletion manages long term liability and enables user data to be known and either archived or remediated according to policy. This is a proactive strategy done in advance of litigation by systematically deleting what has no value before it can be exposed, misinterpreted or breached. At the same time, sensitive documents that have business value are secured according to compliance policies in case of eDiscovery.

Defensible deletion to reclaim IT budgets

 Servers and user shares get clogged with duplicate information, personal multimedia files and aged data… then they are moved to a virtual wasteland of information. The data still has to be saved because there could be valuable business data on them, but every year more and more of your IT budget is eaten away by storage costs.

Index Engines helps by creating a searchable profile of what exists and allows you to defensibly delete duplicates and what is no longer required while culling information needed for legal hold or that has other business value. Most companies find that 40-70 percent of their aged user data has no business value, and that backup tapes contain up to 99% percent useless data. Defensible deletion helps IT reclaim this storage capacity and manage hidden liability.

Oh, those tapes too

 Index Engines is architected to add intelligence to enterprise-class data environments. Patented engines scan a wide range of data sources including online networks, email servers, and offline backup tapes to provide a profile of the content. All documents, corporate email, hidden pst’s, and legacy content backed up by IT can be seen and disposition determined. Only Index Engines can provide this breadth and depth of knowledge across all enterprise data assets.

The most complex projects surround legacy backup tapes. Index Engines brings you direct indexing and extraction to significantly streamline the collection of valuable records from tape. With Index Engines, extraction of content from tape does not require the original backup software to access tape content making the process cost effective and less complex. Additionally, extraction leverages the index to understand data at a file and email level. Using direct indexing and extraction you can review the contents on tape, find relevant content and extract what is interesting from tape.

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