Defensible Deletion Webinar: Tame Risk Hidden in Legacy Archives

Join Index Engines and Vedder Price Thursday, March 14 for a look into defensible deletion

Is old data jeopardizing your organization?

Massive volumes of content are created every day and as this content ages it fades into the background and becomes a challenge and a risk to manage.

Backup tapes represent a major aspect of this legacy data. They embody archives of user content, from sensitive email communications to critical contracts and agreements.

But there are innovative, automated ways to manage defensible deletion policies, manage data risks and control costs. Find out more during an exclusive webinar presented by Index Engines and Vedder Price, Thursday March 14 at 1 pm ET. Register now.

It’s a real problem that’s costing organizations millions in litigation and eDiscovery costs.  Stockpiles of hidden data contain unknown risk and liabilities.

Managing this data and ensuring it complies with current information governance policies is an ongoing, complex challenge.

This webinar will give real-world new approaches towards reducing legacy data, controlling its cost, and managing the content that can be enacted immediately. Register now. 

Bruce Radke, Shareholder, Vedder Price
Jim McGann, Vice President Marketing, Index Engines

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