Defensible Deletion Webinar: Deadlines, Defensibility and Dollars – eDiscovery Best Practices

Join Index Engines Thur, March 7th for this exclusive web event
We understand service providers face a growing challenge from their clients – the completion of more complex projects under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours.

But, there’s a solution we’d like to share with you.

Discover how to keep your cost and man power resources in line while completing projects on deadline with extreme accuracy during an exclusive webinar brought to you by Index Engines, the leader in high speed ESI collection and management.

In less than 60 minutes, you’ll uncover how eDiscovery Service Providers:

Deliver culled data that is de-duplicated and metadata filtered days ahead of their deadline and competition, expediting the culling process,
Secure the integrity of findings and make it defensible using a single interface that allows for unified identification and capture of unique ESI from multiple sources, and
Accurately predict cost by deciding on a pricing model – project, subscription or custodian based – that is the most cost effective for your business.

Register now for this complimentary best practices webinar, on Thur, March 7th at 2:00PM EST and discover how top eDiscovery Service Providers are developing their business by focusing on: deadlines, defensibility and dollars.

About Index Engines’ eDiscovery model
Index Engines’ high speed ESI collection and management platform makes the eDiscovery process time and cost efficient; enabling eDiscovery service providers to complete more complex projects under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours. With our best-in-breed integrated workflow, we concentrate on your Deadlines, Defensibility and Dollars.


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