Mystery Backup Tapes Solved

Understanding what is on old backup tapes can be expensive and time consuming.  In most cases you wouldn’t care what was on legacy tapes, however today’s legal and compliance policies require defensible management of these user archives.

Index Engines new Backup Tape Cloud Service delivers detailed access to user files and email on legacy tapes, without the need for the original backup environment.  Special offer now through November 30th so you can understand what is on mystery tapes, and get access to specific files and email.

  • LTO/DLT/AIT/etc tapes backed up using NBU/TSM/BUE/etc can be searched and browsed to review the tape contents, including specific email within Exchange and Notes.
  • Detailed reports are also available that profile the user data on tape, the file types, dates, original locations, and more.
  • Individual emails and files can be extracted to support legal hold requests.

The process is easy, send tapes to our cloud lab and we will process them and allow you to review the content using a secure browser based interface.   Special pricing available through November 30th.  Contact us today to learn more.

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